As social service providers, this pandemic has created new challenges when it comes to taking care of yourself while caring for clients, family members and friends. It’s critical to care for yourself physically and mentally so that you can show up for others.

How can you best care for your physical and mental health?

Caring for yourself begins with your physical and mental health. A healthy body and strong immune system will help you fight off not only COVID-19, but also other diseases.

You have control over your body.  If you are concerned whether you are practicing good self care during this time, here’s an interactive tool to better understand how you can help yourself as you help others navigate the pandemic. Rank yourself on the scales below on how well you care for yourself from 1 (least self-care) to 5 (best self-care). Circle a number under each category to see where you are now and what you may need to work on. Then see improvement tips for leading your healthiest life. Share this exercise with your coworkers, clients, and friends by sharing this flyer.


3 hrs. or less sleep, nap only

Sleep 7-9 hrs./night, awaken rested


Inadequate PPE protection

Have adequate PPE protection


Eat processed foods, rarely drink water

Eat diet high in unprocessed plants, drink lots of water


Sit most of the day and am mostly inactive

Am active 5 or more days of the week for at least 30 minutes a day (such as walking, biking, housework)


Always rushed, worried and overwhelmed

Practice breath work, reflection and restoration often


Often ignore signs and symptoms of stress in the body

Use techniques for self soothing and seek support