What none of us can do alone, all of us can do together.

Engage with us and join the COVID-19 Regional Response Team Movement or submit your campaign ideas to our Coordination Team. 

There is no limit to the people who have needs right now. Our Rapid Solutioning Together fillable form is designed to help organize your thoughts and needs in order to:

  1. Stop the spread of COVID-19 among vulnerable community members, and
  2. Help vulnerable community members survive the shutdown and subsequent reopening.

Join the movement

Signing up means you’ll receive email updates as available from our communications team. This will help keep you informed of the work being done, and perhaps help identify ways for your organization to work in concert with the others.

Submit a Campaign Request

We know the village is smarter than any of the individual parts. We need your best thinking around your best ideas submitted here. Coordinating Team members will review requests and elevate those that meet our criteria of impact, urgency, capacity, scalability, and not duplicating an existing service or solution.