The RRT is made up of three intersecting structures that help it fulfill its core functions and advance its vision: RRT Steering Committee, Coordinated Campaigns and Collaborative Action Network. The RRT is staffed by a Coordination Team that provides the project management support necessary to execute RRT campaigns, facilitate the RRT Steering Committee and build the Collaborative Action Network.

Our Core Functions

The RRT is working to build a centralized system of response with the capacity to strengthen the resilience and recovery of the populations most affected by COVID-19 and the structural inequities that amplify its adverse impacts.

The primary functions are:

1) Identifying the needs of the most vulnerable in the region
2) Sharing information about emerging and evolving dynamics and conditions on the ground as well as effective solutions and approaches
3) Elevating the needs and priorities that the RRT is uncovering to the funder community in ways that mobilize impactful funder investment
4) Deploying resources to meet needs quickly and in coordinated ways
5) Heightening stakeholder awareness, across sectors, of the needs, priorities and coordinated response efforts that are underway
6) Advancing systems transformation to engender a more effective and equitable delivery of services and resources across the region