From our City & County Leaders

“Pandemics ignore regional boundaries. We have to focus on how we come together as a region to not only stop the spread of COVID-19, but to care for those most impacted in our community.”

“I am very grateful to all of the providers and partners who are coming together to respond to the critical needs of our most vulnerable residents. This type of regional response is exactly what is needed at this time.”

“It will take everyone across the bi-state region to respond to this unprecedented challenge. Standing together as a region is necessary to have an impact against this pandemic.”


The COVID-19 Regional Response Team has four goals:

  1. Identify and prioritize the critical needs of vulnerable populations
  2. Share effective solutions and approaches between providers in different areas of need
  3. Deploy critical resources in an efficient and coordinated manner
  4. Highlight needs and opportunities to funders, decision makers, and the broader community
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The City of St. Louis, St. Charles and St. Louis counties (Mo.) and Madison and St. Clair (Ill.) will benefit from this new social needs response infrastructure.



Efforts of the COVID-19 Regional Response Team are being coordinated with the existing disaster response infrastructure through the St. Louis Area Regional Coalition of COADs (Community Organizations Active in Disaster).

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