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VACCINE EDUCATION – Making an Informed Choice

Your conversation and decision whether or not you get the COVID-19 vaccination begins now. The vaccine is important. What’s more important is your CHOICE.

Visit the Vaccine Education page to read Frequently Asked Questions, browse resources including Making Sense of the COVID-19 Vaccine series clips, and download vaccine education flyers.

Vaccine resources

All in this together

No matter who you are, you can do something to fight the spread of COVID-19, which is quickly filling up area hospitals. Download safe social distancing practices graphics and social media posts to encourage your clients, friends and family to stay safe and slow the spread of COVID in STL.

Coordinated messaging was created with the help of partners PrepareSTL, the St. Louis Area Pandemic Task Force and regional public health departments.



Thousands of St. Louis area residents are at risk for eviction due to loss of job or wages during the pandemic. Partners around the region are stepping up to inform renters about their rights and to offer legal services to fight eviction.

The RRT mailed 4,645 postcards about the CDC declaration to the top nine census tracts most at risk of evictions in St. Louis City and St. Louis County.



We envision a Greater St. Louis region that responds collaboratively, equitably, and effectively to the needs of our most impacted neighbors and communities in the context of the immediate COVID-19 pandemic and the long-standing pandemic of systemic racism.

We evolve through these crises by undertaking new approaches to partnership and advancing changes in values, relationships, and structures that remove race as a predictor of people’s life outcomes.


ABOUT US – RRT Vision AND principles

The City of St. Louis, St. Charles and St. Louis counties (Mo.) and Madison and St. Clair (Ill.) will benefit from this new social needs response infrastructure.



Efforts of the COVID-19 Regional Response Team are being coordinated with the existing disaster response infrastructure through the St. Louis Area Regional Coalition of COADs (Community Organizations Active in Disaster).

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